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Our body feelings and our emotions are just tools to reach the essence...
Harada Roshi

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Can be even any action be harmful to others not just for our own karma? Isn't it the 'bad' actions things or the ego itself also endowed with the Buddha Mind? How can be find a true direction in everyday life?

We meet so many things in our lives, and our eyes get fooled by that. If you live in a place of training, you have one sanzen after the next, even if you do not like it, yet always facing the question: what am I? What is it that is alive? What is it that sees? What is it that hears? What is it that stands? From morning until night, we keep digging in. Yet while you live in society and hear this description, you can only imagine what I am talking about. Here is where the huge difference to life in society and in the monastery is.

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