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If the messenger is attached to the ego, then all the information gets dark and confusing...
Harada Roshi

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Modern medicine is based on scientific research and a consistent part of the medical knowledge has been and will be acquired by means of inflicting the most excruciating pains to innumerable living beings. How can we take advantage of that knowledge and still feel at peace with ourselves?

It is a fact that thanks to scientific development human´s lives are being supported. yet the sacrifice of animals need to be looked at carefully. Actually we need to accuse ourselves for using these animals. In order to avoid unnecessary pain inflicted upon these animals, we need to bring this awareness to the scientists. Yet the people working in the laboratories are dulled by the fact that they are causing pain and see these animals as things. That is where the problem is. We need to share this awareness that all living beings come from the same life energy. Here our efforts have not been sufficient. We need to take action and use any chance possible, pointing out that these animals should be saved and treated in the best way possible.

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