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The stone lantern doesn`t need to explain oneself. Neither does a tree, the sun or the rain...
Harada Roshi

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Realizing that koans are not for intellectual entertainment and realizing that it is foolish to engage in koan study without the permission instruction and guidance of a true teacher Case 12 of the Mumonkan has been running around like a rat in my attic for several months now. How best to proceed or not to proceed. Three bows.

The 12th case of the Mumonkan is about Zuigan´s calling himself master. The koan can be used well, yet if any dualism and ideas get added, it make our dualistic view even stronger. The purpose of the koans is to guide us to our true mind. So if you use this koan, then totally become it. The point of this koan is: “Who is the one who is calling? Who is the one who is answering? Who is the one who is hearing?” From morning until night, from night until morning, becoming this completely.

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