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Harada Roshi

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How does one maintain focus on the nonego part of mind in everyday life where thinking planning deciding work at a computer social life like e.g. TV with family and friends constantly drag him back into the ego ways? I believe lay practice is the best way for me but does it actually work?

Hakuin Zenji said in the Song of Zazen: As for the Mahayana practice of Zazen, there are no words to praise it fully." Mahayana Buddhism is lay Buddhism. There is no other practice but samadhi which can be practised in daily life in order to realize the awakening of the Buddha. "Outside letting go of form, that is called zen, inside being immovable, that is samadhi", as the Sixth patriarch teaches. Not letting go of you koan, in the midst of the koan, doing your work, living your life. Not letting Mu leave your awareness. Standing, sitting, walking, working, waking, sleeping, eating - all are for realizing MU. If you do it like that, no confusion or doubts arise.

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