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Harada Roshi

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Dear Roshi is satori as understood by the Rinzai school different from how the Soto school understands it? How do you see the difference between Soto Dogen Zen and Rinzai Hakuin Zen? Are they two approaches to the same goal or are they fundamentally different too? Is it a matter of choosing?

If there were two types of satori it wouldn´t be satori. To ask questions like: are Soto and Rinzai two approaches leading to the same goal, which one to choose or how are these schools different – these are not very serious questions. If it were bad, you wouldn´t walk that path? It is not a question about a certain school, which is placing your own inner question aside – you need to look at your own determination. If you are taking your training seriously, you need to take your own inner questioning as utmost important. And now you might want to ask, what is my inner questioning?

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