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Harada Roshi

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After a long period of illness I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder where the body on a cellular level is no longer able to distinguish between self and other and proceeds to attack healthy tissue. Where is this small point of self that needs to be protected to survive?

You have done zazen for many years, so I believe that you know well what it means to throw yourself away. Who is it that creates these so called good and bad cells? There is no evil spirit that lives inside of you. If your emotions or your attachments are too strong, they create confusion for yourself. When you get angry, your face turns red. When you are scared, your face turns white. When you get excited, your heart beats faster. In this way the influence of our emotions on our body is huge, in this way please do not criticize yourself, but liberate your body with huge and expansive feelings, and thus your mind can free your body from its confusion.

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