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Harada Roshi

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How do I practice Shikantaza? Your video for Zazen was very very helpful to me. Will be wonderfull if you may do one for Shikantaza...

Shikantaza is said to be the outer gate. It is not only about the form of sitting. It is called: Not letting go of the monastery (Furi Sorin). Whatever you do, where ever you go, to not let go of the monastery, the zendo. In Rinzai Zen it is called: Continued pure mind instances (Shonen Sozoku). Whatever you do, to not divide, to not add any dualistic idea. One mind moment, becoming it completely. For that Koans are used. From the Tanden: Mu Mu Mu …..standing, sitting, walking, working to stay with that Mu. With your whole mind and body, to completely become your koan.

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