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Harada Roshi

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No body no mind no object of mind no mind consciousness: We are oblivious to all worldy affairs in this state of mind how then can we fulfill our Bodhisattva vow and help the world ?

Getting moved around by words is staying in the dualism of unenlightened mind. Flowing water, if you restrict it and ask, what form does it have? Do I have a flowing awareness? Does flowing water have a purpose? You might say that the water in a river is material. Our alive mind is like flowing water. If you stay constantly thinking about yourself, you cannot drive a car. If you think about what you do when driving, you will make an accident. When driving a car, you have a goal you want to reach, yet you reach this only by proceeding one moment after the other, and there is not free time to think about things then. If you have a goal yet do not get stopped by that, if you do not stop your awareness, then you do not tie yourself down - that is the working of Buddha Nature.

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