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Harada Roshi

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We should focus our attention to deep exhalation. What about inhalation? In zen we should pay attention to every moment. So when we inhale where to put our focus? Exhalation should be longer than inhalation that is all?

It is said to concentrate on the exhalation. Place your awareness on your tanden during zazen. The eyes follow the line of the nose and are placed on the ground one meter in front, when practising walking meditation 3 meters in front. It is not exactly the same for everyone, since the line of concentration and of sight are not the same. We have our eyes open in daily life. Yet the concentration of awareness is looking inside to the centre, that is why concentrating on the exhalation is a guiding line for the inhalation, not something we need to get tight about. That is why it is not so complicated as to ask where the concentration should be placed during inhalation. It is like holding a tennis racket. When you actually hit the ball, you hold it tightly, but then again you release, so that you are free to move and catch the next ball. That is the same for the breathing.

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