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Our body feelings and our emotions are just tools to reach the essence...
Harada Roshi

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1. What is the relation between sussokan, zazen and samadhi?2. Is concentrating by focusing on a single small point correct zazen?3. What is the difference between kensho and satori?4. Is zazen always targeting kensho or is working on ones samadhi enough?

1. Through the tool sussokan you can enter samadhi in your zazen.
2. You can use the sharp focus with your eyes to support your zazen for example when you are tired, lifting also your view higher. Zazen is about awareness becoming itself, and for that you need to go beyond dualism, or else you will stay involved in the outside world. So as a tool, it can be used at times.
3. They are the same. As Hakuin says, Kensho is seeing one´s nature as being of no nature. while Satori literally means "Awakening".
4. There is nothing of importance but Kensho. As the 6th Patriarch said, only concentrate on Kensho not on samadhi.

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