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Manifest this place of holding on to nothing at all and deepen from its wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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Is it possible to prove to others that being one with everything is not just a product of our regular consciousness but an attainment of Buddhadhatu?

Why would you only be able to experience after enlightenment? Your eyes see, don´t they? Your ears hear. your nose smells, your tongue tastes, aren´t all of these straight experiences? You think about past and present, don´t you? these are all abilities which you received from birth, what would be laking there? The greater problem would be, to be lost in the outside world and actually having lost the sense for oneself. The functioning of the senses is as is Buddha Nature. Using these abilities and bringing Buddha Nature alive in every last possible corner. It is not about attainment or not, but to not be attached to one´s realization.

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