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If the messenger is attached to the ego, then all the information gets dark and confusing...
Harada Roshi

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You advice us to vigorously put our life energy into whatever we do and the present moment. Precepts demand from us to reflect past or future impacts of our deeds. How can one be completely in the present moment and also be guided by the precepts or paramitas?

They are not two. Here, now is the source of the universe. This source of the universe IS the precepts. If you have awaken to the truth of the universe, you will see, how this experience was expressed by the Buddha through words in the precepts. For example, to not kill, is says: "from the most clear profound and subtle mind, to not kill life." Seen from the universe, all existence is equal. Only if we as humans add our consciousness, only then do we feel separated. Dividing into self and other, from there wars, murders - all bad things happen. The awareness we place into the present moment has to have gone beyond the division of self and other. That is where the most clear profound and subtle mind can be experienced, seeing ALL as Buddha nature.

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