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Harada Roshi

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Is the body only just my sensation of my body? What is the source of my being consciousness is it impersonal or personal? Can you transfer a taste of this state of the source to another person and then they can work on deepening it?

Our consciousness works as surface consciousness and as deep consciousness. The surface consciousness perceives through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body sensations, and is touched by sensations coming from outside. The eyes see the flower, the ears hear the bird´s song, the nose smell the scent, the tongue tastes, the body feels the sensation on the skin of hot, cold, pain. In order to judge these experiences, we use our past memory. So even if we see the same flower, because our memory adds information to it, it will always be perceived differently. That is why we mis-perceive things. That is why we have different opinions and then clash with other people. Our deep consciousness is unconscious, is instinctive. It is based on the survival of our existence, like every single cell wanting to survive. If this will to survive gets denied, instinctively anger and resistance come up. This is what has supported us through evolution. This is how science has come to see it. Yet that is not all there is to it. Before memories, DNA information, gathered experiences there is yet another consciousness which brings forth the two aspects of consciousness mentioned above. We can only call it „zero consciousness“. This is also called Buddha Nature. This zero consciousness IS the universe, is the same base for all life, from where all forms come forth. It is not different for anyone. That is why we can share a sad mind or other experiences. Experience is experience. You can explain the taste of water yet it will never be the same as drinking it.

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