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Harada Roshi

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I learned that the emphasis of Zen practice is to keep one's mind focused on one thing like breathing tanden Mu. But I noticed that my mind likes to fixate on some feeling or thought and hinders the natural flow. Cutting just one thing out of this moment and fix on it does not seem right way.

You say that you concentrate on a point, yet it should not be a set point. Like the 6th Patriarch clearly taught us about zazen: Outside to let go of all ideas about good and bad, that is sitting. And inside to stay immovable - that is zen." The world we perceive is like a reflection on a mirror, that is how we need to look at it. That mirror which reflects everything is in itself empty. Yet we have the habit to follow along, pull along and add on new thoughts to what we hear and see. It is the sickness of our mind. A healthy mind is the one that does not stop at one single point. Going for that state of mind where we hold onto nothing, where we do not get stuck to anything. Do not practice zazen of form but of mind.

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