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Harada Roshi

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I feel the surroundings Nature peoples emotions thoughts animals energy from plants. A Tibetan monk told me it is a gift and that I can help people. I however I feel out of place in this society. People are far away from a natural state. Shall I wait for society to ripen or leave? Thank you.

The Buddha said: In the three worlds, all places are my home. All people therein are my children. That is what the Buddha awoke to. You can feel nature. the thoughts of other people, feel animals and plants. That is a great gift. So why do you not use this great ability which you have sharing it with everyone in society? Why do you criticize society saying they are so far away from nature and need to wait until they have ripened? When you have a child, do you wait until the child has corrected its own mistakes or do you go ahead and guide it? Do not look at it that you are the correct one and society is mistaken. It is simply your responsibility to share your wisdom, not focussing on yourself being special.

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