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Harada Roshi

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The monastic places could also find a way to support their older sangha members with a special schedule for people 60 . I am almost 65. What could change in the schedule to support my old bones?

That mind, that still wants to train at age 65 that is what really matters. Training is not about age. I wil also be 74 years this year. I am the Jikijitsu - head monk in the zendo. Of course, since age 17 I have been training in professional training monasteries, my body is used to it. To start at age 65 is a bit of a challenge to the physical body, since most people in a monastery are younger and you need to match somehow. So do the kind of zazen which is possible for you. For example in Sogenji Japan we have an outer seating platform Gaitan, where you can sit as it is possible for your body, so we give people some space about how it is best for people sitting there, having bad legs or feet, or generally being challenged, you can find your matching space for doing training there.

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