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Harada Roshi

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What is required to love oneself?

When you look with the eye of the small self, there must be nothing as distasteful as oneself. Humans experience that they are not perfect, that they are not eternal, that they are not pure - from there we start to repent and reflect and the wish for change comes forth. While this is a special gift of human to make efforts it is also the life force of all humans. Yet if we stay at noticing how we are not perfect, we get tired of ourselves and the situation. And from there belief, religion arises. For example, when we walk towards the future, because there is one foot on the ground that is why we can lift the other foot freely and move forward. The foot moving forward is searching, the one standing is our foot of wisdom. This wisdom (outside it is God, inside it is Buddha Nature) is our guide as to how we can love ourselves even while we are not perfect. For that we need first to awaken to this deep wisdom within ourselves.

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