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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

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Five years ago I felt very strongly and without any doubt that I am not related to anything. This life body ALL my past actions the suffering and happiness the good and evil disappeared. From that moment I'm a seeker. My question to master Harada Roshi is what is the obstacle to my own freedom?

Professional sports people take their sports as most important. Even if they go out with their friends, they still concentrate on training, training, training. The train so hard that hardly any free times to hang out with their friends remains. And finally when they have reached their goal in their sports, they feel satisfied. People sacrifice other joys of their lives in order to reach their personal goal. So maybe what stands in the way to your freedom is that self that wants to reach this goal. This is true for artists as well as for people of training, they need to put their wish for personal freedom aside, or else the goal is difficult to reach. But then there is this joy which comes from having made all these efforts.

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