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Harada Roshi

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Buddha taught in the Heart Sutra No eyes no ears no nose no tongue no body no mind. But Buddha also taught emptiness does not differ than forms forms does not differ than emptiness...Also everything were come from emptiness. We have body can we say our body is Buddha Nature?

Like Rinzai Zenji said: This body which we have received from our parents, after some years we will need to return it when we die. While we are alive we are man, woman, small, huge, have different hair, different skin, are clever or foolish, rich of poor, have different abilities in society, history, culture, religion - so many differences, yet no matter whether our lives are short or long, in the end we will all die. Once dead, all this becomes past. Yet that, which moved, walked - where has that gone? that which used the body, is neither to be found in the past nor in the future, we would like to say Now, but once said Now it is already the past. This master that uses the body has no form, has no colour, yet is completely alive and working. There is no name for this so we use the borrowed name: Buddha Nature. Buddha Nature uses the eyes so see all kinds of sceneries. Can perceive through the ears all kind sof sound. Can use the nose, the mouth, the body, the consciousness. Can go to many places and always rest in consciousness. Awaken to this free master. Do not get used by things. Emptiness means freedom.

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