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Zazen is the essence of mind as is...
Harada Roshi

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How should we practice when not sitting zazen in our everyday lives while working etc.? Should we just focus on what we are doing at the moment or should we at the same time keep being focused on our breathing and tanden? How do we do this when we are NOT in zazen? Do we continue susokan breathing at all times or do we go about our day simply placing awareness in the tanden letting our breath be what it is? How do we pay attention to our breathing and tanden outside of zazen?

The zazen practice of the Buddha and all the patriarchs is 24 a day long. "Working in ZEN, sitting is ZEN, Talking, silence, moving - fresh living quietly in the whole world." The tanden breathing is just a small part of this. Using the tanden, using the breathing is not bad, but you need to grasp the whole living energy as one. Because you can simply be one and present, sleeping and waking also become one.

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