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Harada Roshi

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Why do we tend to compare ourselves to others all the time and what other reference point might there be in a capitalistic society? How can we overcome selfmeasurement?

We grow in the womb of our mother, we receive the DNA from our parents and we gather experiences in this world. From birth till the age of 16 months we understand 1, with 32 months we understand 2. When we understand 1, we experience ourselves as not being separated, the seen flower is us. Yet once we understand 2, we see all as separate, have gathered data and from there the awareness of being a separate individuality arises. The ego is born. From this point on, our wish for life and development arises, art and culture develops. We want to be good, we want to be better, we want to be more. It is the desire to be more than others and thus we start to defend our position. This self awareness is also what is special about being human, so if we were to extinguish it, there would be no inner drive left to improve society. Yet once you experience that doing good for society is the same as supporting your own life, then society frees you from your own self-judgement. Still being attached to your own position, you will only clash with others creating further pain, yet if you give yourself to society creating joy, unending vitality springs forth. Realizing this is Buddha Nature.

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