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There is no need to understand anything...
Harada Roshi

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Your bio says that day on the mountain you realized that there was no self to be bothered. When I was 18 I realised that this I does not exist, it's not what we are. We are emptiness, ingraspable. Names do not apply. Is that correct? Love matters. It heaves one above one's self.

Who is it who knows that there is no I? When the self disappears, the world also disappears, love disappears, in graspable disappears, emptiness disappears. There is the need to experience this even once, since then all awareness disappears, all will for life disappears. But from there we cannot do anything for society, it easily turns into nihilism. Yet true zazen does not stop here. Pierce through this state of mind, and then the kind of love free from self and other comes forth. Then for the first time the true value of zazen becomes apparent. There is no self to be scared of, no narrow views left. Please bring this to completion.

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