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Harada Roshi

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Why do we keep our hands in the cosmic mudra during zazen? And what about the other hand position with hands clasped one hand holding the thumb of the other hand as is sometimes seen in Rinzai zendos?

It may look like a circle but it is called the "no form samadhi." When entering samadhi, we become one with the universe. our body disappears, we become one with space, melt into it. Seen from Asian medicine point of view, our alive body is the ocean of Ki energy. We have receievd this body from our parents, and this Ki energy constantly moves around the body, using the meridians. Using the nervous system to pass on information to all organs - this Ki energy is our life energy. Yet our body consists of 6 billion cells and for those cells to be able to live, we need food, we need nutritions which are being absorbed by the cells as well as oxygen. The blood vessels and blood stream distribute these through the whole body, bringing life energy even to the last tiniest part of our body. This Ki energy rotates 50 times a day through our body. This Ki should not get blocked. When we sit zazen, we do not move, and for the Ki energy in our body to not stop, that is why we hold our hands in the "no form samadhi" mudra. In order to enter deep samadhi, for no extraneous thoughts to enter, to become focussed on one point - for that we can also clasp our hands together, since this state of mind does not depend on how our hand position is.

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