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Our ancestors lived with huge grace: living and dying in the Dharma...
Harada Roshi

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In your answer to a recent question you mention Naikan as practice to do before going asleep. Do you recommend this practice for your students living a lay life?

The concentration practice of Naikan is important for moving the energy of our body. We are involved in the outside world so much, so the energy gets stuck in our head, shoulders, neck - which then become tight and tense. The back of our head becomes heavy, we easily feel irritated. And then even our emotional state becomes unstable and we do not feel the ground under our feet anymore. We cannot make clear decisions, get angry, our work and daily life become troublesome. This is only because the energy is too high in our body. So we bring the energy down to the bottom of our feet and these problems become resolved by themselves. To gather energy in our tanden - that is the practice of zazen. And to use our concentration to bring the energy down, that is the practice of Naikan. We all should make these effforts to bring the energy down to our feet so that we can live a centred and peaceful life.

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