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Harada Roshi

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The first precept says: do not kill. What about failures to render assistance? Western Governments provide weapons to opponents of Isis to support people on site to stop war. Instead arms delivery supports further killing. But just watching the slaughter of people in Iraq doesn't stop war either. Is doing nothing killing?

That is exactly how it is. To give arms as well as to do nothing will not help the fighting to stop. This is called: being stuck in a swamp. During war there is no justice, it is ego smashing right into another ego. That is why the Buddha talked about having the courage to cut the ego: "If humans do not extinguish anger, greed and hatred, then humanity cannot but perish." So how about the people who get killed now? This is how people ask. The Buddha saw with his own eyes his own country be destroyed, he had to suffer the pain of this experience. If every single person does not make the efforts to throw away their ego, all of us will suffer the same pain as that of the Buddha. If we only look at how to deal with situations and not look at the root where these situations were born from, we will simply continue making the same mistakes. Let us work on throwing away our ego !

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