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Harada Roshi

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Can you suggest how to just sleep? Is it possible to continue zazen in dream realm and increase my experience, and not be distracted by my monkey mind through the night?

Zazen is 24 hours practice. Zazen is not about sitting only of course. Whenever we do not divide our mind into 2, that is zazen. When sitting zazen, only sitting zazen, not letting any thoughts enter. When eating, to only eat. When working to only work. People of training, when their practice has ripened, they do not lay down anymore. They sleep while sitting up so that the concentration and energy of the tanden does not get lost. For people who live a normal life in society, this is quite challenging. So when you go to sleep, to practice Naikan, then you will feel refreshed when waking up in the morning, and hardly any extraneous thoughts enter anymore.

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