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The stone lantern doesn`t need to explain oneself. Neither does a tree, the sun or the rain...
Harada Roshi

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I wonder if the constant practice of letting go will develop indifference towards people that I only just met that the quality and intensity of our relationship will suffer as I am cautious not to get too attached to them so I can easily let them go when they leave. Could you please comment?

Our mind from the origin is pure. It can be likened to a mirror. A mirror does not make any distinctions. Not reflecting a certain person more because they are so important. The next person is worth less, so no need to reflect them. The mirror does not judge. Our original mind is to not carry any judgement about people, things and situations. Our mind is not a material, so when a suffering person comes, we feel the same suffering. When a joyful person comes, we also feel tha joy. An old person is being reflected and we become the state of mind of an old person. When a child comes along, we feel that young mind of a child. When a poor person comes, we naturally will want to share and give something. That is the working of our original, healthy mind. Yet humans add attachment, dualism, judgement and then our mind cannot work freely anymore. Rather than worrying about this, please keep clarifying your own mind.

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