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Harada Roshi

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The second precept says From the most clear, profound and subtle mind to not consider anything as ones own. Human interaction is also about giving and receiving. If nothing belongs to me how can I give something to others and how can they receive it? And what happens to the idea of generosity?

There is nothing in this world that we can call our own, thus we can realize that this is the precept: to not steal. This is how it is being expressed when looked at "from the most clear, profound and subtle mind".
Nature, human's society, our body, in each and every moment they change, and we can realize that we cannot stop anything and keep it at its present state - it will naturally continue to change and evolve. Like the Buddha said: all is like a fleeting dream, like a mirage, like a shadow, like dew, like lightening. There are only things in this world that are not of eternal existence, and that is why we cannot get attached to them. All things that we have are only lend to us. To see these things as not being our possessions is the correct way of looking at them. When we give a present to someone, we are actually not giving something material, but giving our mind, sharing our mind with them. With this kind of healthy mind, we can take responsibility for ourselves and live in a correct way in society. There is nothing that we can call our own. Only because there is the law of karmic connections, someone who si rich was given these riches to take care of them and needs to be ready to give them to others and society anytime they are in need.

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