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Harada Roshi

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Someone said after we die we reincarnate immediately to get another form. But there are people who do not agree they said that the deceased is Buddha Nature. They said the one Who said reincarnate to get another form was only accept the Buddha Nature and forget the body when the body is also Buddha Nature. So after death we integrate into the universe because Buddha Teaches One is all all is one. And Sutra teaches Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is form If so who was right? Roshi Please explain because I'm so confused now.

Mind is of no form and has neither birth nor death. The physical body, since it was born will also die. Buddha Nature has no dualistic thinking, does not get involved dualistically. Buddha Nature is not something that is actually there and can be pointed at. It is like it says in the Heart Sutra: No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind. This is talking about our original mind.

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