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Harada Roshi

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What time should we wake up to meditate in a Temple? And at home?

We live within surroundings of this planet. We cannot separate ourselves from these surroundings, even in zazen. That is why the Buddha and all trainees following him would pay attention to the natural flow of our surroundings. During the early morning hours, our mind moves from all being equal in the dark to being able to perceive distinctions. At night, the opposite happens, when our mind´s distinctions settle and all returns to the equality of the night. Those times are of greatest importance for zazen. At those changing points, our mind becomes most settled, because it is easier to enter samadhi. The problem is that in modern times human´s life style has changed, we use electric lights and stay up until late. That makes it harder for our mind to become quiet. Maybe it is only in places of training when you can really enter this twilight time zazen. But maybe even people who have to go to work in the morning, could wake up a little earlier to use this precious time well.

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