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Go for the root...
Harada Roshi

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Where is a correct balance to be found in preserving traditional Zen forms robes liturgy etc and ensuring that students don't get lost in and distracted by this thus missing the point of practice? Should Zen evolve in the West to integrate cultural forms familiar to Western practitioners?

Zen is the name of the mind. Mind is the essence of Zen. Zen is the path to inquire about our mind. There are deep traditions in Europe and in America. The Christian teaching of sin, a society where people do not trust each other, thus needing a guiding and punishing God. Yet Zen is about all of us having the same mind as that of the Buddha, a simple and honest mind before Ego - that is what we awaken to in Zen. Japanese in their long tradition are used to forgetting themselves, that is why anyone who understands the teaching will reap its fruit. In its long tradition, the evil of Ego has been realized and it is hard for Japanese to understand the culture of Ego. In order to lift this misunderstanding of what is important, it needs great patience and time, I believe. These efforts though have to be made by both sides, coming from both traditions and cultures.

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