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Harada Roshi

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In many Zen stories there is some sort of approval of unconscious competence. Is deliberately taken action always an act of ego? Is inadvertently taken action always an act of non ego?

Intuitive or deliberate - rather than looking at it in this way, we have a basic wisdom and dualistic wisdom. What we use according to the situation is our wisdom rooted in dualism. The eye sees a flower and to recognize that it is a flower is dualistic wisdom. The ears hear a bird and knowing that it is a bird is dualistic wisdom. When Zazen becomes deeper, the seeing eye, the hearing ear, the smelling nose, the tasting tongue, the feeling body become One, the seeing I and the seen world also become one, melting into Oneness. Dogen Zenji said: "If seeing with the ears, hearing with the eyes, dripping from the eaves, the sound of the rain." At first you hear the raindrops, yet the mind deepens and you become the rain drops, falling from the eves. Finally you will feel as if heaven and hearth are falling with these rain drops. This kind of wisdom is called original wisdom. When acting from this place, you go beyond life and death, beyond time and space. This is called Buddha Nature.

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