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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

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I have all the symptoms of being in a quarterlife crisis. Fear in making decisions, procrastination, tiredness, worrying a lot, doubting myself. How can zen practice help me?

Depending on that person´s life approach, it is being perceived as heaven or hell. I have many student who were married, lived a family life and now that the children have left home, are giving their lives for training. Now finally they have some time for themselves, and practice zazen with sincerity and deep concentration. There are not so many doubts coming up anymore as when they were young. Half a year, a whole year - they come and joining training. They have become aware of the fact that life in not only about one´s own interests and attachments. It is important for young people to sit zazen, so that they can become aware of a humanity which goes beyond ego attachment, realizing their bright shining nature as their greatest treasure. Because we need this deep spiritual experience ourselves, that is why we cannot stop making efforts.

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