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Harada Roshi

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You said that the goal of all approaches is to throw myself away. But of course I cannot intently throw myself away. This must somehow happen spontaneously by itself. What is preventing this to happen? If I just focus on my breath totally ignoring all thoughts and perceptions can this be enough?

That is correct. It is not about throwing oneself away and not paying attention to one´s thoughts away. But it is like a wise mother who distracts the crying child: look at that sweet cat there ! And that is how the attention of the child gets changed, and it forgets why it was crying. That is very similar to how sussokan works. When your feelings settle, then your true wisdom comes forth. If you keep fighting with yourself, fighting all those thoughts, there will never be an end to that. But you can naturally more and more forget these thoughts. And how much you can forget your thoughts, that is how much you can open your mind to the world around you, letting your true wisdom work.

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