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The first 10 years of training are hard, the next ten years even harder. And after that it starts to become joyful...
Harada Roshi

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The nonsensical Zen language makes it difficult to have faith in enlightenment.

Not only Zen words that are confusing. Words of society are even more confusing, yet they do not seem like that to us, because we are used to listening to these ideas of society. Most Zen words are about intuition. They are an expression from the experience of Satori based on intuition and cannot be grasped or understood with the knowledge of society. In the olden days, beginners were told rather than concentrating on emptiness to completely become whatever they are doing - developing samadhi. For example, when we concentrate on Joshu´s Mu, we do not try to understand MU through our intellect, but rather become MU completely, forgetting our body, forgetting our understanding, letting this whole world become MU, the world and oneself also melting into oneness. From that place when we have forgotten ourselves completely, a new awareness appears. We awaken to the fact that this whole world is ourselves. If you have had this experience, then you can move from concentrating on the meaning to concentrating on emptiness. You need to experience each step for yourself.

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