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The problem is that people do not know their place of return...
Harada Roshi

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In Zen training is there any training which works with Lucid Dreams or Out of Body travel?

Zen uses the five sense organs: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, feeling and awareness. These we polish in our zazen. Like Hakuin says in his song of Zazen: How bright and clear the perfect moonlight of the Four-fold Wisdom! All doubts and unclarity has melted away and the original abilities can work naturally. That is why there is no need to search in dreams. A person with a healthy mind is away when awake and sleeps when sleeping. When your zazen becomes riper, it is enough to sleep around 3 hours because you feel refreshed already after this short time. In Zazen it is said that body and mind are one. When your body becomes separated you have apparitions, which can happen on the way of zazen´s deepening, yet we do not pay any attention to these, since they stop us from deepening in our practice. They are an obstruction to the experience of being at One with heaven and earth.

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