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Harada Roshi

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If I want to find the truth do I need a master? Why do you say it is hard?

If you are looking for happiness during your lifetime alone, then you can sit Zazen when you feel like it, stop when it doesn´t feel good. There is no need to make it hard. Yet eventually you will die. The end of happiness will come. But not only that, we never know what will happen next in our life. What IS true happiness? you might be thinking. Taking it one step further, what is unchanging happiness? If you seriously ponder the question of what true happiness is all about, you will notice that there is no happiness to be found outside. All that has form will eventually end. If we look in the place where there is nothing taking form neither disintegrating again, like galaxies and stars forming and disappearing, yet the universe itself neither appears nor disappears. In the same way, our body gets born and dies, yet our mind is like the universe that is unchanging, neither born nor died. We need to experience this mind that is free from birth and death. Only someone who has experienced this, can transform his mind. That is why you need to follow someone who has awakened, so that you also can awaken.

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