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Harada Roshi

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Having visited Korea, they consider every style of practice: the belief of pure land, daily life and philosophical teachings of the buddha, koan practice and shinkantaza - all as expressions of the way to practice. Why is it so fragmented into different sects in Japan?

It is not separated in Japan. Mahayana Buddhism came forth 500 years after the death of the Buddha. At that time the Dharma of the Buddha was not about precepts but about realization, that is why the expression of this realization was manifold. That is why the Nichiren Sect was taking the teaching of the Lotus Sutra as their base. The Jodo Sect use the Shoman Sutra as their base. Using the precepts, we have the Risshu. From the times of India, when fire was revered, the teaching of Kaji Mikkyo of Shngon came forth. Zen is using the precepts yet also basing their lineage on awakening. In that sense Zen stands along in taking Buddha Nature as their only base. These different sects started in China, were brought over to Japan, and developed in their own was in Japan.

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