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Harada Roshi

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Buddha searched 6 years before he got enlightened and then started teaching for 40 years. Why do you train very hard for 20 years in the Rinzai tradition before you consider someone to have made serious experiences?

First of all, there is most likely no one who has awokn to the same wisdom as the Buddha. The Sixth Patriarch became enlightened when he was 24 years old, then he trained for 15 years to let his satori ripen. Nanyo Echu Kokushi stayed in Hakugai Mountain to ripen for 40 years. Joshu had realization at 17 year of age, and continued training for 4ß years under Nansen, letting this training ripen from age 60 to 80, and only from age 80 he enteres Kannonin in Joshu Mountains, where he taught his students for 40 years until he was 120 years old. Just enlightenment experience alone does not bring along the ripening as well. If you do not let it ripen, you cannot reach its depth and width from where again you can teach others. This is where in Zen you need to have deep wisdom of your own to be able to teach others.

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