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Zazen is the essence of mind as is...
Harada Roshi

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Is kensho necessary for there to be zen? I practice shikantaza and study mostly Master Dogen. At times I experience no self on the cushion but no kensho. I am more comfortable with shikantaza than mu and believe they ultimately start and finish in the same place. Please advise and bows

Why do you divide Zazen and Kensho? Why do you divide Shikantaza and Mu? Maybe your head is trying to understand so that you can feel settled?
Zazen IS kensho. Just because you sit zazen, it cannot be said that you will experience Kensho. If there is a goal you want to reach, you board a train, yet if you do not stay on the train, then you will not reach your destination, and your trip had no meaning, no? The idea is to reach the destination. When you practice Zazen of course you will experience Kensho. Mu and Shikantaza are Kensho. We need to look carefully at why we practice Shikantaza, why we practice Zazen. Let us practice correct zazen. Let us use correct creative application.

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