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A life of deep essence is our offering to others...
Harada Roshi

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Time flies, the people we love disappear, we all will disappear, even mankind is threatened and in the cities we spend our time working, buying, running after everything and nothing. When I stand up after zazen I do not recognize the world around me. Why do we live in vain?

In the writings of Kunikida Doppo "My Vow" he says: We all have a vow. In this world there are all kinds of vows. For our vow we can give our whole life, it is not just a vow that makes everyone smile, but that everyone is amazed by." That is exactly how it should be. A vow which leaves a deep impression on others, which gives our lives joy. Where have we come from? Where do we go? What is that, which is supporting my life energy right now? I am alive ! Why do we as humans not get amazed by this fact? This is the place the Buddha jumped up from his seat when he saw the morning star in amazement. Kyogen hearing the sound of the bamboo ! Reiun saw the peach blossoms and was deeply moved ! Hakuin heard the morning bell and was astonished! Satori is the experience of complete joy and amazement filling all heavens!! When you were touched for the first time by this joy of being alive, only then will your doubts melt away.

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