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Drink up the whole universe...
Harada Roshi

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Why did we create an ego and divide ourselves into so many pieces?

The Ego is of great importance. Science says that from 16 month after birth we understand 1. After 32 months we understand 2. Understanding 1 means that we experience all existence as being ourselves. Understanding 2 means the division between self and other. From there the Ego gets developed. From there the will and wishes of humans come forth. All science, all art, all culture originates from here as well. Society is based on the perception of 2. If there were no Ego, then human´s abilities would not develop. Yet to see this Ego only belonging to this body, then it gets really heavy. It gets more heavy than the weight of the earth. That is because our wisdom is still narrow. That is where we can develop socially and learn how we can use this Ego for society. The Ego is the great strength of social development happening.

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