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Zen training is done with bravery, it is not a decoration for our life...
Harada Roshi

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Can you explain Hakuin criticism to Unborn teachings of Bankei Yotaku which seems to deny the principle of transmigratory rebirth giving death as end all things.

If I do not receive the actual source of these words, then I cannot answer correctly. Whatever comment or critisicm it might have been, both Hakuin Zenji and Bankei Zenji were exactly equal in their experience of essence. This you can see in their writings. While they have the same experience, they express it differently. For example, when you meet someone who is agitated you tell them that life is long. When you meet someone who is too lazy, you tell them that life is short. When you follow the words of the ancient on this level, they will only confuse you.

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