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Wash away the discriminating shadow...
Harada Roshi

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I have much doubt in my Practice now. I am the Work Leader at a very large Zen temple in the US. I doubt what Zen is really doing for the world. I know what it does for myself and I sense that it has a beneficial effect on others but I just don't think I'm doing enough.

The Buddha said: It is so rare to be born as a human being, it is rare to hear the teaching and it is rare to meet a true teacher." We are living as human beings, close to God, similar to the Buddha, it is not so easy to be born as such a being. We were not born as a dog or pig, neither as a swallow, and we can be thankful for this life which has been given to us. Yet this human life is like a drea, like a phantom, like dew, like a bubble, we never know when it is over, it cannot be measured. This unmeasurable life - no birth no death no increase nor decrease. And then we hear the teaching of truth - we can be truly thankful for this. And while we are being thankful for the truth, for a fleeting life as human being - right there we can find the "land of lotusses and our body being the body of the Buddha". That thankfulness is our daily life.

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