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Harada Roshi

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Since meeting you and experiencing a Sesshin for the first time I haven't been able to adjust to my life in society. I used to have doubts but I know I'm here to awaken. I know If i commit to becoming a monk it will be the rest of my life. How do I find the strength to leave my family forever?

People have karmic chances in their life. These karmic conditions are not something that ties us down, but we also cannot ignore them. It is the meeting between people. The most important point on the Buddha´s path is to not ignore reality, meaning that you cannot destroy the karmic chance which was given to you. But rather look, how can you use this karmic situation in the best possible way for awakening, for that you need to make efforts. Not throwing your family away, but supporting your family, and at the same time making your path and wish for awakening reality. There was the lay practitioner Hokoji, who became awakened with his whole family. In the same way you can make efforts to support your family on their path of realization and work on your own at the same time.

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