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If the messenger is attached to the ego, then all the information gets dark and confusing...
Harada Roshi

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It is said that the fruit of meditation is a kind of peace and happinnes. If someone cannot find this calmness and joy in his practice just doubt arising, does it mean we are doing the practice in an incorrect way? How could we be completely sure that we are on the right way and that this is the best way of practise for us? How could we know that zen is our way? That we are born for it? Gasshou from the bottom of my heart

When you practice zazen for your thoughts to disappear is the correct way of practicing Zazen. This is possible because we concentrate on one focus point, where we lose the awareness of our body and mind. If we hold on to our awareness of the body and of our thoughts, then this awareness will be an obstruction. Please do concentrate only on your breathing.

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