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Our body already knows how to give birth to true wisdom...
Harada Roshi

Excersises MAKOHO

Tight Body - Tight Mind

Harada Roshi wakes up every day an hour before everyone else, to be able to do Chi Kung and Taichi exercises. He also has been doing the Makoho exercises, meridian stretching exercises developed by the Shiatsu training system, which are being recommended in Zen monasteries for people who do long hours of sitting Zazen meditation.

They consist of four (in some systems of five) simple exercises. Doing these exercises, it is important to stretch and bend to your limit, hold the position at your maximum position, breathe in and out twice and on the third exhalation, release the position. The movements are done without pushing or pain, soft yet stretching.

Fire - Heart and Small intestines Meridian: place the soles of the feet towards each other, let the knees drop down, bend forward

Water - Kidney and Bladder Meridian: stretch the legs parallel in front of you, bend forward until the head touches the knees

Wood - liver and gall bladder Meridian: open legs wide, lean to one knee, then the other, then in the middle

Earth - Spleen and Stomach Meridian: sit in seiza ( on your knees) and let the body drop backwards until it touches the ground, you can also lift your arms above your head

Metal, lung and large intestine meridian: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, let the upper body drop forward, lock the thumbs behind your back, lift arms above head and release again

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