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Harada Roshi

ZenGo Calendar 2018

For those who have received a ZenGo Calendar from the Roshi, below you can find the translations of the calendar´s calligraphies.

January February
Shin ko ten chi terasu
The godly light shines on the earth
Written by Genpo Roshi

March April
Ko heki ni shite tori iyoiyo shirushi
In front of the blue river the birds look even whiter
Written by Hakuin Zenji

Mai June
Waga koi ha ran no kaori ya mizu no oto
My carp has the smell of an orchid, the sound of water
Written by Hakuin Zenji

July August
Kachi - Sanzen daisensekai
Great value in all the three great worlds
Written by Torei Zenji

September October
Ju roku rakan
The 16 Arhats
Suiyo Zenji ( student of Hakuin Zenji)

November December
Fuku to roku to ha oyobi mo nai ga nagai ki naraba to mo kaku mo
Not able to get good fortune and money, but about long life, I can do something
Hakuin Zenji

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