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You can´t write a letter on the sky, you can´t write numbers on the water...
Harada Roshi

We need to sit even deeper than ever....

In the world outside there are many complicated, noisy situations going on, not being handled well by the political people of our countries. Only giving more and more fear and concern to the phenomena that are arising on the whole planet at this time because of corona virus.

For example there all type of theories, going from one extreme to the next, the kindergaden view, that we are being punished by some kind of devilish energy that is taking it out on us, giving us this sickness. That is the bottom line of any kind of kindergarden like thinking. Then we go on to the animalistic way of looking at things, that crisis like earthquakes. Storms, floods are punishments of some kind of unkind God. This is the elementary school of the religious world.

Then we go a bit further and we are able to get some kind of objective view on what is going on here. But even then, when they use the science, we are still then only given some kind of measurable idea without the wisdom of how to deal with those measured things. Instead that being the high school idea, proofing points which they are trying to make using science, still be are moving from fear, closing schools, calling off activities. Young people in the middle of their education are working hard  but because of the fear of the senior people in charge, the material concerns, the economic concerns,  and the ideas they have which have no true substance, this is making everyone in society become confused and forced to live in a certain way, because of this lack of deeper understanding.

This is the view of under graduate, making decisions from an unwise point and ruled by fear and thinking that something is happening beyond their control and therefore trying to control it even with more pressure ideas that are irrelevant.

We need to go beyond this to see what it is what the way would be to realize how to deal with this situation in the wisest way. But for this each and every person would need to take into account what is happening and use their own state of mind as how to handle it. But the governments are so concerned with the economic and material aspects of what is going on, have no beginning to even see how to direct people and guide them how to see this situation from an inner point so that we can increase our wisdom from true understanding on how to deal with such a challenge.

This Is what is completely lacking. To see our deeper nature on how we could deal with this has no place in anyone´s operation what so ever. So we are required to see this for ourselves. And this is what we must do. In such a challenging time to not be giving into complete fear and hysteria, but to see deeply within us, what is the best way to respect and act in a situation like this for everyone.


We have the great ancients, the Buddha, Socrates, Confucius, Christ, who taught us the path to realize the truth. Yet we are not being used by them, not being stopped by the idea of a religion. But looking deeply within, what are we as humans? What can we believe in ? In those challenging times, what can we believe in? If you truly have faith, why then does this panic of buying up all toilet paper come about? Don´t use your time meaninglessly but rather use it to dig in even deeper to realize the truth. There is only ONE TRUTH !

Confucius was asked, in this world, what do we need in order to survive? And Confucius said: the military, food and faith. The student continued: how about if you can only take two things? And Confucius replied: Then I would not take the military, but only food and faith. If there is enough food, then no confusion will arise. The student asked further: How about if you can only one thing along,what would it be? And Confucius answered: Even if we do not have food, we can share the remains for a while, yet if we have no faith, the country will collapse.Everyone will become confused and destroy one another. If there is no faith, we cannot survive even a day. That is how Confucius out it clearly.

What is this faith? Some imagination in your head? this inner completely immovable faith needs to be realized. Does everyone have this? Does everyone sit with this kind of intensity?

The truth is not to be found in the words the Buddha left behind. These words only point at that truth which we all have within.  The words of Christ, or Confucius point atthis truth which we all have within. We need to awaken to this.

Zazen is not about bearing the situation, the cold, the pain in the legs. But it is for experiencing this absolute truth.

Shinran Shonin is of the Jodoshinshu school, which seems like a school praying to something outside, yet this school also came forth from the Buddha´s awakening. Amida opened up the path for us to experience the truth. For whom? Just for us. To be able to live in this way is a religious experience. Shinran said: If calling the name of Amidabu is a seed for me to go to heaven, or a seed for me to fall into hell, I shall not doubt my teacher in his guidance, even if I were to fall into hell.

Do we have this determination? We need to look clearly at this, religion is not a form, itis not about material or economic profit. It need to be this type of certainty that even if we were to lose our life, that we would stay immovable within this faith. Or else, why do we live? Only with type of determination will the truth be given proof to through our life.

Not just living along, taking this life until death and that is the end. How sad is that ! Then even a cockroache´s life is better. If you do not understand this, that is strange. We are not here to study a form of religion, neither are we here to participate in an endurance contest.

We read the rules before a sesshin, they are not a command, but each person is a Buddha.And it is about each person realizing this. It is about experience this absolute faith. So don´t disturb others. Don´t get in the way of the other person´s training. The rules of the Donai (Zendo) and Joju (administrative quarters) are teaching us this. Read them with serenity.

We all have gathered here because when we train alone, there is too much waste, thus we gather, support one another, take away the wasted moments, and each person then can dive into that truth within. For that we throw away all extraneous thoughts and ideas, until we realize that immovable faith. That is a zendo.

Why do we do training? Do not misunderstand. Please take this determination now and it is my great wish that you may realize the truth

(Kokuho speech given by Shodo Harada Roshi on the 12th of March 2020)

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