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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

We are what we think, having become what we thought

We are what we think, having become what we thought.
Like the wheel that follows the cart pulling ox, sorrow follows an evil thought.
We are what we think, having become what we thought.
Like the shadow that never leaves one, happiness follows a pure thought.

The Buddha spoke these words for his students in the Dhammapada. Showing that everything returns to our will. Everything is not due to a God or fortune or nature, but depends on each person. Whether we create a dark or a bright world, whether we live a life filled with meaning or whether we live in melancholy and tears, that is also depending on our own mind.

We can awaken to our true mind, and can share this with others. It only depends on your mind, that is what we are being taught here. Whether our words and actions come from a confused mind or whether they comes from a purified mind, from there we decide ourselves about our life.

If your mind is still confused, then your whole life will be filled with sorrow and suffering. The wheel leaves behind a trace, this track is where the next wheel will drive. In this same way, if we create a bright track, then joy will follow our life like a shadow. We need to know how our mind works in this way.

We need to know how our mind works in this way, and that our mind is pure from the origin. Yet many times we cannot simply live from this original purity.

Our mind is pure like a mirror, that does not have any preferences. That pure mind can receive anything, can perceive all and reflect clearly and sharply.

When there is someone in front of the mirror smiling, then the mirror also smiles. When there is someone crying, then the mirror also cries. The joy of the other becomes my joy, the sadness of the other person becomes my sadness. There is no distinction between myself and the other person – that is how we can experience it once we have awoken to our true nature, Buddha nature. That is the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. To realize this is what we practice for.

Whatever we do from this pure mind does not create a mistake.

Anything that goes against this natural mind is bad. Only if we awaken to our pure mind can we live according to our original wisdom. That is why we need to continue making efforts to purify our mind. Because from this pure mind alone can we truly speak and act well.

Please, since you found the path to the Buddhist teaching, do not stop midway, do not get involved in the scenery, however challenging it might be, but keep walking towards this realization, not only for yourself, but for all people on this planet as well.

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